VR6 - This engine has a 15 degree V (currently 10.6 degrees) between the 2 cylinder banks that share a common head. It is so compact that it fits in a bay big enough for only a 4-cylinder engine.

Dynaudio - A top-of-the-line audio system upgrade available in some Volkswagen vehicles. Speakers from this Denmark company are found in many of the HIGHEST quality recording studios and home sound systems.

PODS - A passenger occupant detection feature in the front passenger seat of several Volkswagen models.

ARP - Integrated into the ABS system of the new Touareg 2. The ABS system will send signals to the steering system to help the driver properly engage in counter-steering. The wheels will be braked accordingly to prevent rollover conditions. 

EDL - The traction control system that utilizes the brakes to shift engine power from side to side on the front wheels.

DSG - A highly capable transmission that is technically a manual transmission with an automatic function…capable of shifting gears 30 times faster than the blink of an eye!

HCA - This feature prevents the Touareg from rolling back on steep hills.

KESSY - A Touareg feature that allows the driver to simply touch the door handle to unlock the car with the key in pocket. Allows keyless starting.

4XMotion - Standard AWD / 4X4 system found on Touareg. Normally provides 50:50 power distribution. Includes HIGH/LOW range.

FSI - A fuel-injection system found in many Volkswagen gasoline engines that injects fuel DIRECTLY into each cylinder. This results in a more complete burn, higher pressures and less fuel needed. Results: more power, greater MPG and cleaner emissions.

ETR - These are collision-activated devices that tighten the safety belt to position the occupants and make the airbag system more effective.

Tiptronic - This transmission allows drivers to easily switch between a fully automatic transmission and a manually shifted but clutchless gearbox.

LATCH - This safety feature has lower anchors and upper tethers, which enable child restraints to be installed more accurately.

ASR - A traction-control system that regulates the throttle and/or ignition timing at all speeds.

Bi-Xenon - Brilliant blue-white headlamps that provide superbly controlled, even lighting.

Brake Assist - A feature that takes into account the speed of force with which the brake pedal is pressed to determine if an emergency braking situation is occurring. It will engage ABS for the driver if necessary.

EOS - Name of the Greek Goddess of the Dawn and/or Sunrise. Also Volkswagen’s new hardtop convertible with sunroof.

TDI - Name of Volkswagen’s highly efficient, powerful diesel engine that utilizes turbo technology along with direct inject to create fuel efficiency along with amazing levels of low-end torque.

HAD - This Touareg feature brakes wheels that have good traction when going down slopes greater than 20%. This prevents acceleration and keeps the vehicle speed constant.

Intelligent Crash Response System - A soon as a defined crash severity is exceeded, or the airbags are triggered, this system unlocks the doors, isolates the battery from the generator, shuts off the vehicle’s electrical units and fuel supply, and activates the hazard lights.

MFI - A digital display located between the tachometer and speedometer, which provides the driver with useful information such as coming and leaving home lights, lights and vision options, and other customizable vehicle settings.

4MOTION - Marketing name for Volkswagen’s AWD system that uses a Halex Center Differential to distribute power to either axle.

ABS - The combination of brakes and an on-board control unit designed to detect and compensate for wheel lock-up.

ESP - An anti-skid system that detects when a vehicle is in danger of spinning and compensates to maintain lateral control.