VW Extras

When the world of Volkswagen meets the worldwide web, good things happen. Listed below are some valuable online resources that include everything a VW enthusiast could ever want. From the latest news, trends and information to in-depth product reviews, blogs and forums, they’re all here—just a click away. Be sure to check back often as content on these sites is updated regularly.

The Volkswagen mother ship. The Parts and Service section of this site is chock-full of useful owner information. Whether you need warranty specifics, car care tips or you just want to find the dealer near you, you’ve certainly come to the right place. As you wander throughout the site, be sure to visit the DriverGear section. Pick out something nice for you and your car. You both deserve it.

Volkswagen Driver Gear – Got VW Driver Gear? Whether you’re brand new to Volkswagen or have been a true VW die-hard for years we have everything for you and your Volkswagen.


With over 120 million hits each month, from more than 600,000 unique visitors, VWvortex.com is the go-to site for VW aficionados. Comprehensive and up to the minute, the VWvortex website offers its readers a wealth of information contributed and shared by its ever-growing community. From photo galleries to featured articles, this amazing online resource has it all. Get into the vortex.

VW Motorsport.com

Hailed as “the only vault of VW Motorsport information on the Internet,” this site is sure to get your little VW heart racing. Register as a member and click the Forum tab. It’s well worth giving up your Email address. The racing community is dynamic and diehard. Go ahead, read the latest news, watch videos or scan the free classifieds. You’re in for a great ride.